Staying Germ-Free this Flu Season

I am sure you have already heard about the severity of the 2014-2015 flu season; but did you know that “the flu has reached epidemic levels in the U.S., with Wisconsin in the highest infection rate category… (, January 2, 2015)?”

2015-02-06 07_37_52-Weekly US Map_ Influenza Summary Update _ Seasonal Influenza (Flu) _ CDC

Currently being pregnant, and having this year’s flu epidemic take over my radio in the past month, I have become obsessive about washing my hands, wiping down my desk space with Clorox wipes, and avoiding sick family members. I usually only get sick once a year, and always get my flu shot; but knowing how dangerous it can be for a moms-to-be and babies-to-be to get the flu, I am taking every precaution I can.


But what about parents of children who are already out and about? Martie L. Moore’s post on, “How to Protect Your Kids from the Flu and Other Viruses” gives parents several great ways to keep kids safe from germs while venturing out of the house. Older children might enjoy learning about germs and hand-washing on their own by visiting this article, “Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?” at


For more information about this year’s flu epidemic and how to avoid it, visit the following websites:

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