I Finished Painting Our Bassinet!

I usually don’t post much about my family, but last night I finished a project that I had been working on for a while and had to share.

My dad is a very skilled craftsman and is building a beautiful bassinet for our son, Oliver. Since I am pretty artistic, he wanted me to paint something on the headboard and footboard before he putting the pieces together.

When I told my dad I was planning on painting dinosaurs on the bassinet, he responded, “Dinosaurs are going to be too scary for a baby!” I reminded him how interested in dinosaurs I was as a child, insisted that I could create non-threatening dinosaurs, and proceeded to draw up some sketches.

Oliver’s nursery is largely decorated with wooden dinosaurs that Jason’s grandparents made for him when he was a child and whimsical superhero art that my husband and I have had signed by comic book artists:


Yale Stewart, JL8


Skottie Young, Avengers vs. X-Men


Monkey Man Labs, Rocket and Groot

I had been finding excuses not to put paint to wood for about a month since I wanted to make sure that everything turned out perfectly; but I have been working on it for a couple weekends and finally finished!

20150219_164215 20150219_164246 20150219_164251

See? Not scary at all.

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